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Wedding planning SOS

You were on a roll for so long, but due to circumstances you've lost it, and now you find it really hard to get back on track with your wedding planning. Don't worry though, with a little effort we can get you back to planning in no time!

Depending on the amount of tasks you want to hand over, you can decide which option that works best for you.

When you choose the wedding planning audit, I will go through your wedding checklist with you, find out where you are exactly, what your most urgent next steps are, schedule out your remaining to do's based on your planning, and give you a handy overview to keep you on track after our call.

Sometimes, you need more personal input to get you back on track. When you choose the wedding planning intervention, you will get everything you get with the audit on top of my personal help to structure your planning process, I will show you which tools and programs you can use to collect all of your documents in one handy place, we will discover where you are exactly and I will keep you accountable for the next few months as you work through your checklist.


What's included?



  • 30-minute discovery call
  • 90-minute audit call
  • PDF document with the most important information from our conversation


  • Everything from the wedding planning audit
  • 3 additional 60-minute follow-up calls during the next 3 months OR 6 additional 60-minute follow-up calls during the next 6 months


  • Instead of bringing all of your documents together yourself and adding them to the tool we will use, you can send me every file you have on your wedding and I will structure them for you.

Not sure which program fits you best? Let's hop on a quick complimentary call.


Hi, I'm Yana. Let's start planning your wedding together!

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How I went from scatter-brained to organised

I used to be the most scatter-brained person ever, always forgetting things and never being really well-organised.

About 10 years ago though, I decided that wedding planning was the ultimate career path for me because it combined creativity and administration, people skills, and it would be anything but boring. I only had one problem though, I could not organise anything!


So in the next few years, I did everything I could to improve my organisational skills. And I did not just improve my skills, I started to notice that I was actually really good at it.

I started attracting corporate jobs that required planning skills, and I started becoming the go-to girl to ask for the best tools and programs to use for a certain area. Soon enough, I was walking people through programs they could use to uplevel their planning and I realised how much I loved doing it.

Whether you're just getting started and you have no idea where to begin, you're stuck halfway and you cannot decide whether you should continue or just give up through lack of time, or whether you're working towards those final last weeks and you're worried you will overlook something, I've got you!