The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Understated Geek

Today I am sharing a gift guide. But it’s not just your regular everyday gift guide, no. I designed a gift guide for those of you who grew up watching the old Star Wars movies, thinking they were amazing even though everyone you meet tells you they are ‘old’… A gift guide for those of you who dreamt of being invited into Hogwarts, knowing full well it does not really exist but still feeling oh so disappointed when your eleventh birthday passed without a thick envelope bearing your invitation…

A gift guide for those of you who get what it was like to step into the world of Tolkien again after the Lord Of The Rings series was finished, who almost wept when they could hear that familiar opening tune in The Hobbit… A gift guide for those of you who were never more interested in classical music than when they heard the Game of Thrones intro being played by a full orchestra in a concert hall…

Image courtesy of:  Jordan Dené  • Photo credits:  Jake & Katie Photography

Image courtesy of: Jordan Dené • Photo credits: Jake & Katie Photography

However, this gift guide is not just for the average geek either. This gift guide was designed for the Understated Geeks… I see a lot of people going overboard with geeky items, also in weddings, while understated geekness can be so much more elegant. If you want to know exactly what I mean by that, go check out this Star Wars inspired wedding now! I’ll wait for you to get back.

See what I mean? You don’t need to go overboard to be geeky. Sure, half of the wedding’s guests might not have gotten the “Mandalorian” place cards, but hey who cares? Same goes for geeky jewelry, geeky clothing, geeky household appliances, …

I personally love it when my geek friends and family members recognize something and others need to be explained what it is. You can see these people looking at you like you’re crazy but you and your friend are both in the know and you can join each other in ignoring the strange looks of these ignorants. When you both “get it”, it also connects you in some way.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself

Before I officially announce the gift guide in full, I wanted to share a little anecdote. One of my very best friends is my go-to person to watch fantasy, science fiction, Disney or comic book-based movies whenever we can find some time. When you see me, you see a girly girl who loves to wear glitter and gold, while she dresses much more subtle. She has purple and blue hair while I’ll be rocking my new ombré hair colour.

And whenever her friends hear stories about me and they see my picture on Facebook for the first time, they would ask her how on earth she ever befriended someone like me. Until they meet me… After that first in-person meeting, they realize I’m actually not that much of a girly girl, and they start to realize that underneath all that I’m just another crazy little geek like themselves.

My ringtone is the Hunger Games whistle, I have t-shirts of all things Marvel, DC and Game of Thrones that I wear under a lovely pink or black blazer, I have batman nail polish from Primark but I’m also the crazy person who can spend a ton on designer make-up, I have a tattoo that almost no one has seen and, in the spirit of Christmas, our Christmas tree holds an Angry Bird every single year. Although in full disclosure, we put it on the hearth above this year, but it’s still super close.

Everyone is different and complex, like an onion :-), with multiple layers that are all worth uncovering. I want to help you get a gift this year that fits you, all layers of you, and I want to help you to find the perfect understated gift for someone who shares your more geeky layers.

Download your gift guide

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Did I mention I have included a special item from my favourite series in the whole world, the series I will be cosplaying next year? Plus I added a Christmas gift I have bought for my own boyfriend this year, with some ideas on how to geekify a regular present you may have already purchased.

Since I will be adding new shops and items as I go along, I would love for you to contribute to our gift guide to make it even more awesome. Send me an email at or simply comment below with your gift idea.