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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Understated Geek

Today I am sharing a gift guide. But it’s not just your regular everyday gift guide, no. I designed a gift guide for those of you who grew up watching the old Star Wars movies, thinking they were amazing even though everyone you meet tells you they are ‘old’… A gift guide for those of you who dreamt of being invited into Hogwarts, knowing full well it does not really exist but still feeling oh so disappointed when your eleventh birthday passed without a think envelope bearing your invitation…

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Geeky Chique Star Wars Wedding

My favourite wedding designs are the ones inspired by something very non-traditional but that have managed to hold on to the chique look that fits a wedding so well. When I saw this beautiful wedding, shot by Cacá Santoro Photography, for the first time, I knew that I had stumbled on a masterpiece!

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