To propose or not to propose on Valentine's Day

Imagine you walking around town with the love of your life, on your way to your dinner reservation on this beautiful and romantic day, lights all around, happiness and laughter radiating from all those other couples who are celebrating their love on a day like this.

You arrive on the town's square where a small band of musicians is playing. You stop to listen and your partner wraps their arms around your waist while you both get wrapped up in the beauty of the music, the closeness between you two, and the sense that this, right here, is exactly where the two of you are meant to be. Together. Simply being. Enjoying each other's presence.

You're so wrapped up in how something so small can lift up your heart so fully that you hardly even notice when your partner comes to stand before you and drops down to one knee. But suddenly, you seem to realise what's happening and the sheer shock has you paralysed for a second. When you hear them tell you how much they love you, you break down in tears. It's beautiful, it's perfect, and all you can do is nod and cry. Your heart is so full of love that it feels like it's breaking.

To propose or not to propose on Valentine's Day • The Wedding Boutique • Structure your wedding planning •

Now, imagine instead that your partner was too hesitant to take advantage of this perfect moment and propose to you because it's Valentine's Day and it's too cliché and too cheesy

Would you have wanted to miss this moment?

I know I wouldn't have!

When I first set out to write about proposing on Valentine's Day, I was thinking about the cliché, the cheesy, the feeling that it seems so... pre-arranged.

My boyfriend and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. We usually go to dinner together the night before or the night after because it's so much easier to get a reservation then, roses aren't so goddamn expensive, dinner is less crowded, and the whole thing just feels less obligatory in a way.

But then I asked myself what this proposal would look like, and when the story above started taking form, I knew it would be wrong to write about it from a single perspective.

What defines a good wedding proposal?

A proposal, to me, takes advantage of the moments life throws your way. All you need to do, is recognise them and take advantage of them. Now, don't get me wrong, you might need to arrange some things in order for these moments to come by a little more often as you are preparing to pop the question, but try to build up to a few different events instead of just one.

I'm not trying to scare you off but circumstances hardly ever turn out how you want them to and having a (few) back-up plan(s) never hurt anyone, right? This might also relieve some of the stress because you're not even sure yourself which of your plans will turn out the best.

Don't feel compelled to wait until the last one either though, when a moment feels right, just go for it! Your other plans will still be super fun and romantic to celebrate that you just got engaged.

"I believe a beautiful proposal comes down to seeing the curveball life is throwing you, and catching it."

It doesn't matter what day of the year it is, it doesn't matter if you wanted to propose somewhere else at some other time, it doesn't matter if it's rainy or sunny, if you arranged a photographer or not, all that matters is that you feel a connection with your partner so strongly that you cannot shy away from this moment any longer...


P.S.: if you're thinking of proposing to your partner but you're not sure how to approach it, I'd love to help you brainstorm some ideas. Simply contact me through the contact page or send me an email and I will send you my info.