How to keep your relationship central

Schedule quality time with each other while planning your wedding

I have said this so many times already, it feels like it has become too obvious to mention again, but planning a wedding is a lot of work. Even when you want to keep things small and simple, you will soon realize that it entails more than you might have originally thought.

Every once in a while though, you need to realize that you are planning this wedding because you have found someone whom you would like to spend the rest of your life with, and spending some quality time with just the two of you will be a welcome break in the planning process.

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There are a few things you could do to take some time off planning in this time of year.

Go for a forest walk

Going for a forest walk this time of year will not only help you unwind and tune in with nature, it will also offer you a wonderful display of nature’s most beautiful season. The colours will be simply remarkable this time of year, golden leaves, cold misty mornings, the smell of rain in the wind, … I guess it’s no surprise that fall is my favourite season.

There is also something relaxing and unwinding about walking. It will center you again and it will connect you through silence. Personally, it’s one of my favourite ways to spend my November weekends.

Relaxing spa-time

For the less nature-centered couples, or just to switch around every once in a while, you could plan a relaxing morning or evening in the spa. Personally, I love going for an expanded breakfast in the morning and then planning some relaxing spa-time after. Having breakfast, or dinner, combined with 2 or 3 hours at the spa, will lengthen your time together and it will make sure you really unwind.

Of course, you don’t need to go to the spa to just have a nice romantic breakfast or dinner with just the two of you at this place you both adore.

Spend some time at the beach

If you don’t live too far from the beach, driving over every once in a while can be incredible for your inner-peace. There is something relaxing about listening to the breaking of the waves, the mews chattering above your heads and the smell of salt in the air.

This time of year, I wouldn’t recommend having a pick-nick on the beach unless you dress very warm, but most beaches have really nice bars and restaurants nearby where you can unwind further.

Plan a mini-break

First of all, I am not telling you to add even more craziness to your planning by adding on a mini-break but every once in a while you just really need to get away from home for a little while to escape your everyday life. When you start to notice you are constantly picking on each other, and not cutting each other slack anymore, it might be time for you to get away for a few days.

Make sure your mini-break is still relaxing though. Don’t overbook yourself, plan things with lots of ‘free-time’ in between to allow for spontaneous things to happen, and make sure you don’t plan anything after dinner (unless of course you have the chance to see something pretty spectacular that you can only see after dinner). Overloading a mini-break is easy though, so beware of the pitfalls.

We recently planned a short mini-break to Paris, the city of love. I had already been two times but my partner had never went so I gave him full control over the things he really didn’t want to miss. We know we can always go back in the future so we decided to keep things simple. We only planned one big thing every day, and everything else we just left open.

We ended up having dinner in one of the cutest French bistros in Montmartre, taking selfies on the Bir Hakeim bridge (anyone seen Inception?) with the Eiffel Tower in the background, we saw everything we wanted to see in the Louvre in only half a day, we had McDonalds one evening just because we felt like it, … In short we just let ourselves be swept up by the adventure that is Paris instead of trying to fit everything exactly into a well-planned out schedule. And it was the best mini-break we could have wished for!

What are your favourite things to do to unwind? Let us know through the comments.