Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration

More and more couples have seen the value of having a winter wedding. The busy summer season can be overloaded with weddings so having your wedding in the quieter winter can help scoring that one venue you really like without much competition or making sure your favourite wedding photographer will be available.

When it comes to styling a winter wedding, there are so many directions you can go. You can opt for a more traditional Christmas-style wedding with lots of white, a touch of red, with red Christmas berries and holly. Or you can opt for a minimalist Scandinavian style with white on white, geometric shapes and marble touches. Or you can go with the style displayed in my Dark Rustic Winter Wedding Moodboard, and use lots of black and white, touches of green by using eucalyptus and some gold touches in the cutlery and on the stationery.


Yana Dirkx

Yana Dirkx is the owner and founder of The Wedding Boutique, a wedding consultancy boutique that offers structure and advice to couples who would like to plan their own wedding, and a brand-new coaching business called Bliss & Gold where she helps creative entrepreneurs find structure in their business.

Yana feels strongly about owning up to who you truly are, connecting with people on a deeply personal level, and finding your own path instead of going the route everyone else is taking.

She's living in Antwerp with her boyfriend and cat Wolf, she's a business consultant in her day job at the most awesome company ever, and she loves hazelnut cappuccino (even though she's trying to drink less coffee), watching misty sunrises from her car in the morning, reading every Sarah J Maas novel, and going for relaxing walks in the woods.