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How to keep your relationship central

I have said this so many times already, it feels like it has become too obvious to mention again, but planning a wedding is a lot of work. Even when you want to keep things small and simple, you will soon realize that it entails more than you might have originally thought.

Every once in a while though, you need to realize that you are planning this wedding because you have found someone whom you would like to spend the rest of your life with, and spending some quality time with just the two of you will be a welcome break in the planning process.

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To propose or not to propose on Valentine's Day

Imagine you walking around town with the love of your life, on your way to your dinner reservation on this beautiful and romantic day, lights all around, happiness and laughter radiating from all those other couples who are celebrating their love on a day like this.

You arrive on the town's square where a small band of musicians is playing. You stop to listen and your partner wraps their arms around your waist while you both get wrapped up in the beauty of the music, the closeness between you two, and the sense that this, right here, is exactly where the two of you are meant to be. Together. Simply being. Enjoying each other's presence...

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Minimalist White Christmas Wedding

What happens when you combine a traditional theme like a 'Christmas wedding' with a minimalist design style? You get a high-end, chique design in all-whites with lovely Christmas touches that add a little warmth to it all. Want a reminder why I absolutely love myself a winter wedding? Don't look any further!

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Hold on to that fuzzy holiday feeling

Don’t you just love the end-of-year holidays? All those twinkling lights, Christmas decorations everywhere (at least where I live), fireworks, people generally being nicer and happier, the time you get to spend with the people you love most,…

So how can you channel the holiday feeling to re-ignite your wedding planning?

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Unwind for the holidays

As we all have seen, the holiday season is swiftly approaching. Dreaded by some, much looked forward to by others. When you’re busy planning your wedding, planning for the holidays is just another thing to add to your long list of things to do. So how do you go about planning your wedding in this busy period while still being able to enjoy the time you can spend with your family and loved ones? Well, it might be easier than you might think.

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Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration

When it comes to styling a winter wedding, there are so many directions you can go. You can opt for a more traditional Christmas-style wedding with lots of white, a touch of red, with red Christmas berries and holly. Or you can opt for a minimalist Scandinavian style with white on white, geometric shapes and marble touches. Or you can go with the style displayed in my Dark Rustic Winter Wedding Moodboard, and use lots of black and white, touches of green by using eucalyptus and some gold touches in the cutlery and on the stationery.

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How to incorporate non-traditional pets into your wedding

Don’t we all just love seeing those fur-babies popping up in weddings? At the beginning of the year, you could see more and more small dogs make their appearance in weddings as ring-bearers or just with cute accessories that would fit the whole wedding style. But how could you incorporate other pets that may not be as domestic or as easy to handle as a small dog?

Well, these three wedding and engagement sessions have been able to incorporate their favourite pets despite the fact that they are not the most traditional ones.

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Give yourself some grace

As we slowly move towards the holiday season, we are reminded of all the goals we had set for this past year. The ones we completed and, more often, the ones we didn’t. Goals like losing weight, spending more time with family and friends, goals that will help us to finally reach that much sought-after balance in our lives, goals that will help us make a difference in this world, …

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Stress-free Wedding Planning

After the excitement of your engagement begins to wane, and the beginning stages of wedding planning are in full swing, it is all too common to begin feeling mentally stressed. There is so much to do and so little time at the end of the day. Take a deep breathe and know it doesn’t have to be this way. With a solid project management system in place, straightening out your priorities and a heaping dose of self care, I know you can make it to the other end of the planning process in one calm and fairly centered piece.

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Geeky Chique Star Wars Wedding

My favourite wedding designs are the ones inspired by something very non-traditional but that have managed to hold on to the chique look that fits a wedding so well. When I saw this beautiful wedding, shot by Cacá Santoro Photography, for the first time, I knew that I had stumbled on a masterpiece!

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