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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Understated Geek

Today I am sharing a gift guide. But it’s not just your regular everyday gift guide, no. I designed a gift guide for those of you who grew up watching the old Star Wars movies, thinking they were amazing even though everyone you meet tells you they are ‘old’… A gift guide for those of you who dreamt of being invited into Hogwarts, knowing full well it does not really exist but still feeling oh so disappointed when your eleventh birthday passed without a think envelope bearing your invitation…

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How to incorporate non-traditional pets into your wedding

Don’t we all just love seeing those fur-babies popping up in weddings? At the beginning of the year, you could see more and more small dogs make their appearance in weddings as ring-bearers or just with cute accessories that would fit the whole wedding style. But how could you incorporate other pets that may not be as domestic or as easy to handle as a small dog?

Well, these three wedding and engagement sessions have been able to incorporate their favourite pets despite the fact that they are not the most traditional ones.

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Give yourself some grace

As we slowly move towards the holiday season, we are reminded of all the goals we had set for this past year. The ones we completed and, more often, the ones we didn’t. Goals like losing weight, spending more time with family and friends, goals that will help us to finally reach that much sought-after balance in our lives, goals that will help us make a difference in this world, …

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Dare to be different

Don’t be afraid to do your wedding your way simply because it’s not “how it’s supposed to be”

... What I am trying to get at here, is that I got it! I understood why he didn’t think there was any value in getting married, and as my bubbly optimistic self, I didn’t realize what was causing him to think like this until it was almost too late. He thought that getting married, to me, was all about the decorations and flowers and wedding cake and having a nice dress, and less about the person you were marrying...

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