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Minimalist White Christmas Wedding

What happens when you combine a traditional theme like a 'Christmas wedding' with a minimalist design style? You get a high-end, chique design in all-whites with lovely Christmas touches that add a little warmth to it all. Want a reminder why I absolutely love myself a winter wedding? Don't look any further!

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Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration

When it comes to styling a winter wedding, there are so many directions you can go. You can opt for a more traditional Christmas-style wedding with lots of white, a touch of red, with red Christmas berries and holly. Or you can opt for a minimalist Scandinavian style with white on white, geometric shapes and marble touches. Or you can go with the style displayed in my Dark Rustic Winter Wedding Moodboard, and use lots of black and white, touches of green by using eucalyptus and some gold touches in the cutlery and on the stationery.

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Geeky Chique Star Wars Wedding

My favourite wedding designs are the ones inspired by something very non-traditional but that have managed to hold on to the chique look that fits a wedding so well. When I saw this beautiful wedding, shot by Cacá Santoro Photography, for the first time, I knew that I had stumbled on a masterpiece!

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