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Every month, The Wedding Boutique shares a story of a bride who had an intimate and personal wedding. These brides are sharing how they made their wedding fit their personality, they are sharing their struggles and they are sharing their most beautiful moments. I hope you will walk away feeling strengthened by these stories in the knowledge that you are not in this alone.

Each of these stories are written by the bride herself and I did not alter them in any way.

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    Photo credits:  Zara Jane Photography

Photo credits: Zara Jane Photography



Hello! I'm Kit, and my husband and I were married a little over two years ago.

Since our big day, I've spoken to a lot of stressed-out young brides - it's an issue close to my heart! Even in the midst of my wedding planning, the vendors all kept telling me I was remarkably calm.

Let me give you a snapshot... January, my husband proposed. September, we got married (Yes, we planned a wedding in 9 months). In between, I got promoted, moved house, and was volunteering several hours a week.

We're both quite creative people and wanted a wedding that was just a little bit quirky. We ended up finding the perfect venue 6 months before the wedding (I do not recommend setting a date before you have a venue!). It was a gorgeous historical village where we could have a garden wedding, then a reception in the rustic hall. It even had a little train for guests to ride around on, and plenty of great photo spots.

My ultimate secret to success was... I was honestly more excited about being MARRIED than I was about having a wedding! Once I had a dress I knew I'd look great in, the rest was all just details.

What was your biggest struggle when creating a small & personal wedding?

I wanted to personalise everything! I am quite artistic and crafty, and was right in the middle of a serious Pinterest addiction.

There were so many little details I wanted to make myself! However, I had to admit it wasn't practical. With such a short timeframe and so much else going on in my life, the wedding just couldn't be priority #1 all the time!

Which part of your wedding are you most proud of now? 

The entire day had a really fun and relaxed atmosphere, which is exactly what we wanted. We were having a great time, and so did all the guests.

I'm very glad we kept the costs down - it meant we could afford a reasonably luxurious overseas honeymoon, which was an amazing way to start our marriage! I am especially proud of the bouquet - To save money on fresh flowers, I ordered fake silk ones and arranged it myself. It looked AMAZING, and I get to keep it forever!

What aspect of your wedding day had the biggest impact on you? 

It was a small moment - one we had planned in advance. Right after we walked / danced back down the aisle, we walked around the building to have a minute to ourselves before all the photos started. My husband prayed for us and our marriage. It was exactly how I wanted to start married life - and one of our sneaky photographers managed to capture the moment on camera.

We also wrote our own vows, which was really special. It was also quite funny to find out we'd both added in some lyrics from one of our favorite songs!

What advice would you give to yourself if you were to do it all over again?

I do wish I'd had a list of photos I wanted (especially family ones). We got almost everything, but I would have loved more photos with my mother.

I wouldn't change much about the day. Sure, there were a few details I wouldn't have minded spending more money on / looking nicer... but ultimately I married the best man I know. It doesn't get much better than that.

Is there anything else you would like to share with brides who are in your shoes today?

Surround yourself with people who know it's YOUR day, and who will do anything to help you out! ESPECIALLY your bridal party. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without people being self-centered. I was lucky enough to have no problems with this, but I've heard some awful stories from people who've gotten married since my wedding!

Also, let go of the details that no one else will notice. Seriously. It's not worth your stress! People won't keep those place cards whether they were painstakingly hand lettered or just printed with a freebie calligraphy font. 

Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed, remember this is just one day. It's a big one, don't get me wrong, but the more important thing is the marriage that happens afterwards. That keeps things in perspective.


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