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The Wedding Boutique is not your average wedding business. Instead, it is a place where you are free to design the wedding you desire, a wedding that feels authentic and personal, a wedding that probably goes against tradition...

The Wedding Boutique gathers brides and grooms who don't believe in doing things the way everybody else does them, who don't have the big budget or the wish to have an over-the-moon romantic wedding, who don't want to wear a princess dress or get married in a castle... The one thing our brides & grooms put central to their wedding, is the wish to make a beautiful commitment to the person they love and the knowledge that they are creating a day that feels natural to them.

Because let's be honest, being different is so much nicer than being ordinary.


Plan your wedding your way

A lot of young couples who just got engaged are super excited at first about the prospect of getting married. You just proposed, or got proposed to, and it feels like you can take on the world together! So you start looking for information to quickly arrange things and just get married already.

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However, the more you start looking to simplify things, the more overwhelmed you get by all the different options and the crazy (there simply is no better word for it) amount of little steps you need to do before you can have the wedding you have envisioned. Well, imagine having someone to share this journey with, someone who can tell you exactly what to do when, someone to brainstorm ideas with, someone who helps you keep your sanity, someone who can help you create a wedding that feels natural to you and your partner. With The Wedding Boutique, I will do just that!

I love helping young couples who don't have a sky-high budget, whose parents are not funding their wedding (or maybe only a little), who dream of an informal wedding day spent with their loved ones, who are not afraid to be different and to be creative, who just want to get married already without all the fuss and the pressure, who believe having a simple wedding is the most beautiful of all...

Does that sound like you? I would love to meet you!


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