Looking for some structure in your wedding planning?

You're strong and independent, you know that you're more than capable of planning your wedding yourself, but you also realise that having a bit more structure when planning your wedding might not be a bad thing...

You're the kind of person who can envision the entire wedding day, the way it looks, the way it feels and smells, and the people you want to have around you on your big day. Above all, you know that you want to keep your wedding small and intimate enough so you get to spend enough quality time with your loved ones.

Knowing that you can make your commitment to your partner known to the world has you super excited about your wedding day.

You find great joy in the little things in life and you want your wedding day to reflect that. You're the romantic who's been looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with from a very young age, and now that the time is here to start planning your wedding, you're so excited to get started! But where do you go next?

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Let me help you structure your wedding planning

You're definitely more than capable to plan your wedding yourself, but even you might need a little nudge to either get you started, or to get you back on track. All three services below are built around the idea that you're still in charge of your wedding planning, I just add some structure to the whole process together with you.

Since these services all focus on a different time in your wedding planning journey, they are all focused on that specific point in time and the services you need at that point in order to benefit from it the most.

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Getting started

You're not sure where to begin

Weddingplanning SOS

You're stuck and you need someone to get you back on track

Finishing strong

You need help with the final steps


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