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Check off those final details

You're almost there! Only 6 weeks left until your big day, YAY!

I know how hard those final few weeks are, when everything is coming together and you're worried that you've overlooked something along the way. Having an extra pair of eyes to look at your checklist and someone who can create your final timeline can certainly help prevent getting too stressed out so close before your wedding.

What will you receive?

  • One 30-minute discovery call
  • First 60-minute follow-up call
    Final run-through of your checklist + create a mini-plan for the items still in your list so you can check them off early enough that you won't get overwhelmed
  • Second and final 60-minute follow-up call
    Create a wedding day checklist for the things you need to remember to take with you so you don't forget anything + create a wedding day timeline to hand over to your wedding coordinator

Your investment? It's only €195!


Hi, I'm Yana. Let's start planning your wedding together!

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How I went from scatter-brained to organised

I used to be the most scatter-brained person ever, always forgetting things and never being really well-organised.

About 10 years ago though, I decided that wedding planning was the ultimate career path for me because it combined creativity and administration, people skills, and it would be anything but boring. I only had one problem though, I could not organise anything!


So in the next few years, I did everything I could to improve my organisational skills. And I did not just improve my skills, I started to notice that I was actually really good at it.

I started attracting corporate jobs that required planning skills, and I started becoming the go-to girl to ask for the best tools and programs to use for a certain area. Soon enough, I was walking people through programs they could use to uplevel their planning and I realised how much I loved doing it.

Whether you're just getting started and you have no idea where to begin, you're stuck halfway and you cannot decide whether you should continue or just give up through lack of time, or whether you're working towards those final last weeks and you're worried you will overlook something, I've got you!