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Wedding design + Planning

After 3 years of helping bridal couples like yourselves add more structure to their wedding planning journey, I decided to stop working with bridal couples directly and to only take on styling opportunities for creative business (editorial shoots, client experience days, ...) aside from helping young entrepreneurs clear overwhelm in their business through my main company Bliss & Gold.

If you are planning an intimate - slightly boho - and not your everyday wedding, and you are looking for someone to help you design your wedding, please send your inquiry to

Maakt offers custom decorations for creative businesses, stylish interiors, and intimate weddings - all with a minimalist touch. As of 2018, I am supporting them with wedding design and planning and am no longer taking on any separate clients.

Your Wedding Planning Starter Kit

Of course, I couldn't leave you empty-handed! In the past 10 years of being slightly obsessed with all things weddings, I gathered all the information that I struggled to find myself when I first started out, and I decided to bundle my findings in a handy wedding planning guide, specifically designed to help you through the first few weeks of planning your wedding.

When I first started out with wedding planning, I had a very hard time finding actual valuable information about planning a wedding, especially when you have no clue at all what you need to focus on first. Most checklists are too big or too small, and no one seems to have created an overview of the things you need to check out first. Until now...

Wedding Planning Starter Kit.png

Inside this handy PDF guide, you will receive:

  • My favourite tools and programs to plan a wedding
  • My go-to wedding blogs and magazines for small and intimate weddings
  • An overview of some of my favourite paper planners (Belgian and US options)
  • The best wedding planning checklists (online & print)
  • How I divide my wedding planning checklist in 4 stages & why
  • A walkthrough of the complete first stage

This Starter Kit is a result of 10 years of research, 3 years of working with bridal couples, and a lot of trial-and-error, struggle, tears, and euphoria. I hope you like it!!

Buy your Starter Kit (€15)

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